According to, there’s been an increase in the use of interim CIO’s.

These IT leaders are often brought in to a company on a temporary basis to solve complex IT problems, at moments of change, review current ways of working and/or come up with ideas for digital transformation.

They help companies build a strategy and plan for digital change, that the IT team can then implement.

However, what happens once the interim CIO leaves?

Whilst the intel provided from an interim CIO is undoubtedly valuable, if the internal team don’t have the time, resource or experience to implement the suggested changes – things often fall by the wayside. From our experience through delivering an interim CIO service ourselves, internal IT teams are already busy keeping the business running smoothly, and in the long run if the plans can’t be implemented they can turn into an expensive, unused, white elephant.

So, once you have the information from the interim CIO – then what? Companies can look to keep the interim resource on to oversee the implementation but that is often a cost too far, especially if it’s a 12-month transformation programme.

Acora can help.
Our interim CIO service will help you build a robust IT plan, but we don’t leave our clients there. We can also help organisations complete transformation projects in half the time they would normally take, whether it’s supporting them on part or all of the project. Plus, once we get to know your business you can call on us whenever you need support.

An interim CIO will help you understand what you need, Acora can help get you there faster.


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