Everyone needs a catchy title for a blog. Other ones we considered, but dismissed included:

  • The IT transformation chasm
  • Overcoming IT transformation anxiety
  • The IT precipice

Vendors and suppliers love to come at IT leaders with a catchy headline and message to cover a very complicated issue. The reality is, you already know that IT is all about delivering business value and supporting transformational projects. The last thing you need is another supplier offering a bland truism or a theoretical silver bullet, that frankly only just skims the surface of your real IT challenges. We wanted to share with you what years of supporting our customers on their digital transformation journeys has revealed:

  1. Rather than projects stalling or failing to deliver, the majority were failing to launch. Crashing before they formally got started.
  2. IT leaders already know how to get to the promised land. But knowing and having the time to get there are two very different things.

What IT leaders need is a practical solution. So, we will keep it simple: We appreciate you already know that it’s often the sheer scale of keeping the lights on that prevents you from delivering successful transformation projects. So, if you need help freeing up time and resources – we think our managed services (supporting end users and/or IT teams) can help. Working for you, to a clear SLA, can give you the time back you need to focus on delivering IT transformation for the business.

We’re also pretty good at building IT platforms and delivering complicated IT infrastructure upgrades, so naturally we’re happy to help you here too.


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