If you’re considering changing your IT partner, there’s usually a good reason why.

Maybe they’re no longer meeting your agreed service levels, or perhaps you’ve simply outgrown them.

We’ve put together a classic and light-hearted top ten list, detailing the common reasons people consider moving partners, in the style of the iconic chat show host David Letterman… because why not.

10. Every time a fault is raised, you’re hopeful rather than confident of a quick resolution.
9. You call them up and all the people you knew from early on now left.
8. Your quarterly RAG report to your boss has been RED for IT support for three quarters running.
7. Every time you process their bill through accounts you are worried people will question the value.
6. Microsoft has changed their operating system three times since your partner last spoke to you.
5. The potential challenge of changing providers is nothing compared to the thought of carrying on.
4. You have to call them to ask what their views on a new technology are.
3. The last time you got a monthly report was before the football season started.
2. When you use their portal to report a fault, you are not entirely sure it’s connected to anything.
1. And finally the number 1 sign that it’s time to change your IT support partner… The contract is finally coming to an end!

Do any of these sound familiar? Want to compare an alternative? Why not come and see us, we’d love to show you around and introduce you to our team. Contact us today!


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