Just over a year ago, CrippsPG undertook a programme of review of its IT provision, which put their Service Desk under the spotlight.

“One of the challenges we were constantly facing was retaining staff. Being headquartered so close to London is both an opportunity and a threat. The Service Desk analyst position is considered an entry point into a career in IT. Therefore, often, as soon as we trained up a new member of the Service Desk, they would look to further their career by a move to London. We found ourselves in a cycle of recruiting and training, and suffering the distraction of this.” 

Mike Burton, CTO at CrippsPG

The CrippsPG IT team could increasingly see that the lack of 1st line customer service, poor response levels and need for continuous service improvement were damaging the reputation of IT within the firm and were affecting the lawyers’ productivity. To address the challenges effectively, CrippsPG invited Acora into the RFP process for the provision of its Service Desk, having heard of its legal credentials and track record. CrippsPG ultimately chose Acora because of its specialist focus and understanding of end-user support, which was reflected in its RFP submission.

Shortly after Acora took on the delivery of the law firm’s Service Desk, CrippsPG announced a merger with another topflight firm, Pemberton Greenish, and the company’s staff numbers increased significantly. Acora was able to effectively and flexibly adapt its SLAs to incorporate the additional user-base needs. Subsequently, CrippsPG decided to widen the scope for Acora to also include 2nd line support across its four offices and transfer the 2nd line support Team to Acora for a more seamless, well managed end-user support function.

As shown by the graph below, the increase in First Time Fix and Service Desk resolution clearly reflects the successful work from Acora, but also of the wider CrippsPG IT ecosystem.
Jo Owen is keen to highlight the win for cross-supplier collaboration.

“We now have 3 main outsource providers; one for our cloud platform, one for software and Acora end-user support. While we knew that managing three different IT support providers would come with some challenges, we are extremely satisfied with the way Acora is proactively managing relationships and effectively liaising with our other providers on issues such as Problem and Change. Acora has really set the benchmark of responsiveness, communication and process of how we want to engage.”

Jo Owen, CIO at CrippsPG

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