As a Fortinet Expert Level Partner at Acora, we are supporting customers continually with all Fortinet support contracts, renewals and maintenance discussions. You can rely on Fortinet technology to protect your company’s critical assets and reputation.

Keeping up with external events, emerging threats, and new technology in today’s fast-paced world can be difficult. That’s where our support services come in. From managing license renewals to maintaining hardware and software, our cyber security experts can be relied on to provide the best technical advice and customer service in stressful situations across complex environments.

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As proven Fortinet Solution experts, we have demonstrated that we can be trusted to skillfully deliver the full range of Fortinet solutions across all environments. Not only is our team recognised by Fortinet as being highly trained, but also for continually providing the highest levels of customer support.

DEVICE – The physical (or sometimes virtual), piece of equipment such as Firewall, Fortianalyzer, FortiManager.

LICENCE – This offers upgrades and additional quantities to certain elements such as users and logs.

FORTICARE – This includes access to global technical support on a 24x7x365 round-the-clock basis, with flexible add-ons, including enhanced service level agreements (SLAs) and fast turnaround for replacement of defective hardware. Bundles include an Essential, Premium and Elite option.

FORTIGUARD – Support contracts for subscription feeds bringing you threat research and intelligence, antivirus and firmware updates from FortiGuard Labs, designed to optimise performance and maximise protection. Bundles include the Unified Threat Protection, Unified Threat Management and Enterprise and 360.

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Forticare Services

Adopting new technologies is not a project with a start and a finish. Instead, it is a journey from design and implementation to operations, optimisation, and ongoing management of the solution.

Forticare services

Acora and Fortinet have you covered every single step of the way, freeing up more resources to focus on your business.

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