Montagu Evans are a UK based independent property consultancy, owned and run by a group of partners that are leaders in their respective fields and who are committed to leaving a legacy of quality work that benefits their clients, the built environment and society as a whole.  

Working across the Public and Private sectors Montagu Evans encompasses advisory, commercial & agency, property management and planning, historic environment and townscape services creating inspiring places to live, work, communicate and connect. They care about legacy, partnerships and people. Advising clients with complex planning and development challenges.  

The nature of their sector, the need to continually develop collaborative ways of working, and keep pace with demanding best practices, heavily rely on a resilient and innovative IT and Cyber Security foundation. This is how our partnership started.   


Montagu Evans desired a partner that would act as an extension of their business, and they could build a long-term trusted relationship with.  

When we first engaged with Montagu Evans, we prioritised building that relationship to truly understand their challenges. Having a clear picture of their business vision and what they wanted to achieve enabled us to present the right Managed Services portfolio and solutions. We needed to demonstrate we could support strengthening their operations and creating a secure and efficient working environment, with their people’s experience at the centre.   

With the property industry being so prominent, Montagu Evans needed confidence that they could depend on a provider to bring all of their services together seamlessly so they could focus their attention on supporting their clients to achieve their goals. 


We demonstrated how Montagu Evans could maximise investment in technology and gain added value for their people and clients in a complex market. From End User Support to Managed Cyber Security Operations, underpinned by our unique Experience Led Approach™ every business area is covered, providing multiple layers of support and peace of mind. 

With the cyber landscape continually evolving and pressure ramping up for Montagu Evans, building a resilient on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure and evolving their cyber security operations was extremely important. We met their requirements by deploying the Acora Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), an experienced team built over the years through strategic acquisitions and organically.  

Acora’s focus on user experience was a crucial differentiator in the partner selection process. Together, we share the same passion that people drive the real value in their business.  


As Montagu Evans continues to expand their business, they desire a clearly defined roadmap. The plan for 2023 was focused on developing the relationship, building trust and understanding their business needs. 2024 and beyond includes innovation road mapping, strategic planning and continuous improvement to meet the demands of their fast-paced market and growing needs.  

The shared vision, centered around a cloud-first strategy, includes a diverse range of innovative projects that meet their requirements for a modern, agile, and secure way of working. Along with an evolutionary service offering, they need to maintain compliance and Cyber Essentials Plus to continue being a trusted provider for their clients.  

“2023 has been a very busy time for us at Montagu Evans with significant business changes and building foundations for the future. Reflecting on the progress we have made, there have been some major achievements that could only have been delivered by working together with Acora. 

From the smooth integration of our Managed Services, to proactively identifying user pain points, we have established a close partnership at multiple levels and look forward to seeing the relationship continue to evolve in 2024”

Rob Sanders, Director of Technology & Data.


The short-term deliverable was to provide a stable and consistent service for Montagu Evans’ people. We now continue to work closely together to evolve their infrastructure, processes and resilience as they grow as a business. Our partnership culture and market experience have formed an aligned relationship between both organisations.  

We look forward to developing the partnership in the years ahead, further supporting Montagu Evans in driving efficiency through innovative projects, so they can continue to offer their clients outstanding service. 


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