We know that managed services aren’t for everyone. Companies that work well with an internal IT team are often those that are experiencing steady growth at a manageable rate.

We’ve found that our clients are driven towards the benefits of managed services, after finding themselves in one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. They’re growing rapidly, either organically or inorganically, and they need readily available and scalable IT resources to help them. Whether that’s extra IT support for end-users or merging IT environments after an acquisition.
  2. They’re moving to the Cloud or are implementing a technology which requires support from a specialist.
  3. The IT team are spending too much time on routine IT maintenance and need to make room for innovative IT projects.

One thing we have noticed is that the likelihood of a company engaging with a managed service provider increases as the gap between their current IT state and their required future IT state widens. In other words, companies who see major change in the medium term tend to embrace the value a third party can deliver.

If the future looks like the current – then often companies are happy to look after IT as they do now, and usually by themselves. Managed IT services probably wont work for these companies. So, if you see changes ahead, we can help you plan, implement & manage transformation projects and we can take away the routine IT that takes up most of your time and help you get where you need to be, quickly.


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