According to a recent research article from Forrester, commissioned by Dell, partnering with IT service providers enables internal IT staff to innovate and build IT expertise.

The Forrester Consulting study reveals that there are two factors preventing internal IT teams from delivering transformation, these are:

  1. The time and effort spent on deploying and supporting technology
  2. The lack of the right expertise, please reference our previous blog about the CIOs recruitment challenge

At Acora, we’ve seen this trend increase from the beginning. Mid-market companies sometimes struggle to harness strategic IT as roughly 80% of their time is being swallowed up by operational IT. They know that given the rapid pace of digital transformation, their internal IT staff can no longer afford the distraction of delivering activities that is not directly focused on innovation and growth.

Our services are designed to deliver guidance, deployment and support. Taking away the day-to-day IT tasks for our customers and enabling them to focus on innovation.

Findings from the report show the impact of using an IT support partner in numbers:

  • 36% of staff’s time shifted to innovation/ strategic initiatives as a result of shifting deployment/support to an IT service provider.
  • 26% increase in staff productivity by using staff augmentation services.
  • 17% reduction in overall IT costs by using staff augmentation services.

Helping our clients compete and win in the digital economy is what we do, so for more information about how an IT support partner could help you feel free to contact us.


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