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Demonstrate the power behind meaningful data

We are all guilty for spending too much time trying to find answers to questions. Diving into spreadsheets, chasing people to update their numbers, creating excel formulas and relying on data that has been inputted manually.  

A common pattern is that businesses often don’t see how powerful their data can be. According to the IDC Big Data Survey, 70% of organisations believe that their data is not used to its fullest extent. This could be due to the limited functionalities in the current reporting methods or because of hidden data. 

Without the appropriate reporting tools and capabilities in house, additional business and technical hurdles can present themselves. Where does the data live? How can we visually report on this data?

If everyone could easily measure success and have visibility of KPI’s, just imagine the results. 

Reporting Dilemmas

  • Traditional methods are often time consuming and unproductive for all members involved.
  • Current processes heavily depend on teams assembling, constructing and presenting the data in one way or another.
  • Fundamentally, up to date, reliable and accurate data is difficult to manage.
Modernise your data environment


Picture a world where business reporting is an effortless and efficient task. 

Having one central reporting platform, that can securely manage your data is the way forward.   

Utilising globally recognised tools such as Power BI, will improve reporting efficiency in the workforce and the accuracy of data. Modernise your data environment and provide actionable and intelligent insights via cutting edge cloud tools. It will all be right in front of you. 


Power BI is designed to create visual reports based on business data, supporting you in your decision making process. You will always be one step ahead with real time, interactive reporting.  

Work with a trusted partner


With the right budget and resources, implementing and managing new applications does not have to be complex or daunting.   

Successful organisations are transforming legacy practices, applications and user experience into resilient and innovative operations. Acora has developed a set of agile solutions to support data transformation. 

The skills and managed services on offer at Acora will help you break down the complexity and deliver the desired outcome, whilst only paying for what you need. We leverage Microsoft’s data analytics solution to support simple and complex business intelligence requirements. 

A business analyst will work closely with you to run infrastructure, data and application assessments.Working with a trusted partner every step of the way to meet your desired business objectives. Microsoft Tools are always evolving, and we make sure that you never miss out on crucial updates and features.   


  • As a user, you pay for what you use and no more.
  • Microsoft tools are always evolving so continuous improvement is an important part of this Managed Service.
  • Work closely with an Acora business analyst to outline requirements, goals and readiness.

The Acora Solution

We will work with you every step of the way to support your business objectives.

From setting out requirements, discovery, implementation to continuous improvement, you can rely on our dedicated team.

  • Scope

    Business Outcome Analysis

    Scope out initial reporting requirements with our team, leveraging expert application capabilities, analysis, design and implementation.

  • data gap analysis

    Data & Process Gap Analysis

    What have you got now, where do you want to be and how do you get there? Pinpoint exactly what is missing from your current processes that is preventing your growth.

  • Bridge gap

    Implement Your Solution

    Bridge the gap between current position and objective. With organised, normalised datasets you can create visualisations and reports much more quickly and easily.

  • Trends

    Continuous Improvement

    Utilise key features and keep up with the latest trends. Continue to explore cutting edge tools that can help you solve future reporting challenges and leverage their use.

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