Expert support and advice

Drive IT and support business change

Acora is expert at designing and planning change to IT systems and service delivery, with experience gained from over 20 years as a service provider and technology integrator – for hundreds of mid-market organisations.

We’ll support you through business change, guide you on your use of technologies and provide the vendor-independent advice you need to achieve your business objectives.

Acora’s IT consulting services dovetail with our other services, including managed services, applications cloud and IT support – to provide a comprehensive 360° solution for your business.

IT strategic consultancy

Ongoing support with a virtual CIO service

Focusing on the end user experience, Acora helps you develop IT strategies that underpin your business strategies and aspirations. You can choose to have our support on a project-by-project basis, or as a regular ‘virtual CIO’ service to aid your decision-making. Customers benefit from our no-nonsense approach, which delivers practical solutions quickly, with high levels of stakeholder engagement and a proven track record of success.

We provide

  • Independent external support for IT strategy validation, enhancement or creation
  • A structured roadmap of recommendations, prioritised into a 12-36 month programme of IT initiatives
  • Senior IT executives to assist with the delivery and embedding of your IT strategy
Technology audits and health checks

A fresh perspective on your IT environment

Whether you’re experiencing IT failures; planning for a significant change (such as M&A activity); beginning a new CIO role; or assessing a legacy environment, Acora offers an independent audit of your technology and IT service provision. We’ll provide an expert assessment of your current and anticipated IT processes to meet industry best practices.

An expert outside view

  • Assessments of current IT process maturity, staff capabilities, budget efficiency and end user IT experience
  • Assessments of core infrastructure, system health and digital transformation maturity
  • Seller and buyer side M&A support – covering pre-deal and post-deal preparations, due diligence and integration

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