A crisis waiting in the wings

Who owns the data?

We now live in a world where data volume has reached a new high and if it isn’t addressed, it will spiral out of control. According to Forbes, 90% of data in the world has been generated in the past two years and this is just the beginning. Imagine how much data will exist by 2025?

Your data is a powerful business resource and it needs to be handled with care, patience and expertise. Ask yourself three key questions: Where does your data live? Who owns it? and finally, who is taking care of it?

The answers to these questions will enhance data transparency and identify any gaps.

Governance, compliance and security should go hand in hand with growing data sources. Protecting data is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t be the one to let this slip.


  • Data volumes are spiraling out of control
  • Handle your data with care, patience and expertise
  • Data in this generation is everybody's responsibility
Unlock the potential


Once you know how much data you generate and where it lives, it’s time for a business change. Instead of burying your data, unlock the potential. The business outcomes are truly endless. Enhanced visibility, seamless access, efficient reporting capabilities, you name it.

Many world-leading businesses such as Microsoft and Met Office are demonstrating just how effective your data can be. They have joined forces to build a groundbreaking model, providing accuracy, protection and resilience around forecasting.

Your data can connect people together and drive decision making.

Bridge the gap

Piecing the data together

Bridging the gap between knowing your data and presenting it is essential. With the support of our business analyst, you can run data and application assessments to understand where you are and build a roadmap to showcase your innovative data transformation journey.

Picture a world where accessing data and business reporting is an effortless and efficient task. You don’t have to do it on your own. Utilising business intelligent Microsoft tools, such as Power BI will improve reporting efficiency in your workforce and the accuracy of data.

Connect your sources together and modernise your data environment, enhancing collaboration.

We build what we run, we run what we build


We will work with you every step of the way to support your business objectives.

From setting out requirements, discovery, implementation to continuous improvement, you can rely on our dedicated team.

  • Scope


    Scope out initial reporting requirements with our team, leveraging expert application capabilities, analysis, design and implementation.

  • data gap analysis


    What have you got now, where do you want to be and how do you get there? Pinpoint exactly what is missing from your current processes that is preventing your growth.

  • Bridge gap


    Bridge the gap between current position and objective. With organised, normalised datasets you can create visualisations and reports much more quickly and easily.

  • Trends


    Utilise key features and keep up with the latest trends. Continue to explore cutting edge tools that can help you solve future reporting challenges and leverage their use.

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