LifeSearch is on a mission to protect UK families and businesses by providing them with easy and hassle-free access to life insurance. Since its establishment in 1998, LifeSearch has protected over three quarters of a million families and businesses, and more than 1.6 million individuals.  

As the business grew, LifeSearch realised that it needed to address the challenges that come with significant growth plans, and to ensure that it could continue to provide the best possible service to its customers. That’s where we come in. 


For the past 23 years, Acora has been working alongside LifeSearch, delivering technical application development solutions, and introducing automation and business intelligence to streamline LifeSearch’s processes.  

Our key objective was to deliver a service to enable LifeSearch to grow, improve and achieve its primary goals – with increased operation efficiency to accelerate growth, and an enhanced customer journey.  

Operating in a complex market that involves a lot of human interaction, LifeSearch needed to ensure that its applications and systems could keep up with the growing business. Acora helped LifeSearch achieve this by building a CRM system that could withstand, evolve, and develop with the growth of the company. This CRM system we built increased operation efficiency, which in itself leant to improving new business conversion rates and reducing abandonment rate.   


To provide LifeSearch with data at their fingertips, Acora moved the company away from on-premise based hardware that can be costly and challenging to manage, to scalable and easily accessible cloud-based storage. The scalability of the cloud-based software has enabled their data to grow with the business and has enriched Lifesearch with the ability to access the data they need, whenever they need it.  

With technology being a key enabler for LifeSearch to communicate with customers quickly, and without complication, Acora implemented an enhanced intelligence system to provide LifeSearch with direct control of its communication strategies to potential customers. This includes when to send an email, when to send a text message, and which messages to share. This is all simply controlled through an application that Acora built for LifeSearch.  

To ensure maximum availability across their global presence, Acora set the system up to talk across the UK and EU with multiple data centres communicating with each other to share the load. This has benefited LifeSearch with highly available databases and resulted in zero downtime caused by long updates or upgrades.  


With effective tools built by Acora, LifeSearch can provide a quick and hassle-free online service for its customers, without having to go through various hoops to get the outcome. 

To be ahead in the market and to support the vast amount of life insurance quotes LifeSearch were developing for its customers, it needed a smart solution to compare all insurance companies, gather costs and present back to the customer in a quick a turn-around.  

Over the last 10 years, Acora have supported this provision and have implemented an effective automated system to generate this data based on the customer filling out their details, there and then. This feature played a big part in the enhancement of the customer journey.  


Acora provide an application development capability which is both deeply knowledgeable and works flexibly with our business to support our needs across core business solutions and wider partner propositions. Very much working as an extended part of LifeSearch’s team, the delivery agility and quality is excellent and their depth of understanding of our business and development needs is second to none.

Chris Neilson, Chief Technology & Product Officer at LifeSearch

LifeSearch’s partnership with Acora has enabled them to overcome growth challenges, provide the best possible service to customers and allowed operational streamlining and scale. Thanks to this partnership, LifeSearch can continue to protect families and businesses across the UK, without any hassle. 


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