Improved business efficiencies,  advanced financial reporting and third-party independence

We’re proud to announce our successful partnership as the preferred IT partner for Pettinaroli UK. A distinguished, multinational group specialising in water distribution systems. Focusing on application modernisation with a Microsoft Cloud First Strategy, the shared vision was to streamline and modernise fundamental business processes, truly demonstrating the benefits of having an efficient application portfolio.

With 300+ employees worldwide, this specialist solution provider partnered with Acora to bring innovation and a fresh pair of eyes to transform their IT operations. Facing several significant challenges, such as legacy systems and heavy reliance on third parties, our esteemed partner’s story began with a shared vision for a Microsoft Cloud First Strategy and a desire to improve automation and key business processes. 

In response to these challenges, Acora brought forward a comprehensive Design, Build and Run Solution to ultimately bring Pettinaroli UK into the modern environments their business needs to operate effectively now and in the future. We also leveraged Microsoft’s Business Central Implementation, introducing a bespoke ERP solution finely tuned to meet the company’s distinct requirements. 

The partnership has yielded exceptional results, such as advanced financial reporting and independence from third-party reliance and, critically, puts them back in control of owning their business processes moving forward. 

“We are delighted that Pettinaroli UK have selected Acora as their Dynamics 365 partner. We look forward to supporting the business in unifying their business processes into one platform, using our distinct implementation methodology and industrial experience.”

Nathan Whitehead, Sales Account Manager 

What’s next in the Microsoft Cloud Strategy?  

The journey is far from complete. Our partner is eager to delve into additional Microsoft Applications to further streamline operations and enhance pipeline visibility. Their plan is to harness Microsoft Power Platforms to automate tasks to further optimise and develop internally. 

This transformative partnership with Pettinaroli UK marks a significant milestone and illustrates Acora’s commitment to empowering change and delivering excellence within our Applications and Data Services. It also represents a pivotal achievement in showcasing our growing capabilities and dedication to be the best we can be for our customers. 

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