The term ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) really came to prominence in the 1990’s. The acronym is used to describe a range of business management systems and software that brings together all the core components of a business into one unified, digital experience. Utilising a single database, they collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities together so that all teams can access key information at the click of a button in real-time.

This benefits accounts, production, warehouse, sales purchasing, HR and marketing. It’s about efficiency, automation and improved decision making etc. and can deliver real commercial benefits. It’s for companies of all sizes and all business leaders, at some point, will have looked at the potential for their company. You may have one, you may be considering one or you may be considering changing yours.

The below is our not entirely serious list of “signs you may need to be looking at a new ERP solution”:

  1. Your ERP is so complicated only people who have worked there for years know how it works.
  2. Yours misses so much functionality you have invented workarounds to make it meet your needs.
  3. The people who sold you the system aren’t there anymore or can’t support it.
  4. Real time data from your ERP isn’t really real time anymore.
  5. It crashes so often or is so slow you actually know how to carry on without it.
  6. Yours is so old it doesn’t integrate with your other IT.
  7. Your team are now working flexibly but they have to come in the office to use the system.
  8. You looked at some solutions 5 years ago and decided it was too complicated.
  9. You merged with a company a few years back and are now operating two platforms.
  10. You share login details as you don’t want to pay for any more.
  11. It doesn’t cover all departments and they are now looking at a standalone solution.
  12. You know its shortcomings and employ people to cover the gaps.

If you are considering a new ERP, we wish you well. We would recommend getting a demonstration early on to ensure the software has the functionality your business requires.

We also think that the support of an effective partner to deliver and support the solution is worth you researching. A good partner can help you realise all the commercial and competitive benefits available, getting the most from your investment.

Acora is one of only a handful of managed Microsoft Dynamics partners in the UK and can help design, implement and manage a solution for you. If you would like to talk to us or take advantage of a free demo of Dynamics NAVs capability, please feel free to contact us.


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