Acora have signed the Microsoft Pledge, a commitment to reducing the UK’s future skills gap with regards to AI, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mixed Reality – otherwise known as the fourth industrial revolution.

The pledge commits partners, like Acora, to help progress the skills we need as a country through our employees – whilst also encouraging diversity, equality and sustainability throughout the process.

We were delighted to sign this pledge.

Microsoft has been working in the UK for nearly 40 years now, and the technology they’ve introduced has been (and will continue to be) transformative. However, with large scale change comes consequences and it’s important we adopt new technologies in an ethical way.

Here are the goals we have pledged to achieve:

  1. Digital skills – Helping the UK prepare for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution through training.
  2. Apprenticeships – Creating more apprenticeship opportunities.
  3. Diversity – Improving the diversity of the UK’s technology workforce.
  4. Responsible and Ethical AI – Ensuring Artificial Intelligence is developed and implemented in responsible and ethical ways.
  5. Sustainability – Reducing our carbon footprint.

As an organisation that is closely aligned with Microsoft, at Acora we share its vision for how technology plays a key role in improving society. That’s why we are pleased to sign the Partner Pledge, and play a part to make progress across these important issues.


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