It’s an undisputed fact that Santa has the world’s largest database.

It’s also true that 2018 has seen a multitude of political and social factors move millions into the grey zone between the naughty and nice lists. It’s clearly going to be a busy run up to December 25th for him.

Santa’s annual challenge is not only how to store these vast datasets, but also how to make sense of them. How could he embrace technology to help him?

  • Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure would help Santa and his team of Elves have unlimited storage that’s scalable to meet his unique seasonal demands.
  • Cortana intelligence on Dynamics 365 could help analyse historical data and help him better focus the naughty list, toy management, flying schedules and responses to Christmas wish letters automatically, without the Elves intervention. It can even place toy replenishment requests with the Elves on the floor, so Santa doesn’t have to.
  • Business intelligence and AI mean seasonal peaks in demand are planned for automatically too. Power BI allows the Elves to create their own embedded reports and dashboards and with Cortana Intelligence Santa will be able to access auto-generated predictions.
  • When used in tandem, Cortana Intelligence and Power BI help to solve one of the biggest challenges Santa faces in the Big Data age – analytics.

Where other magical beings may struggle to hire the data scientists and analysts they need to make sense of their information, Microsoft’s AI/machine learning tool kits can help anyone begin to unlock the valuable insights buried in their NAV data.

To learn more about Cortana Intelligence and PowerBI and the added value it brings to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, please get in touch.


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