Earlier this month we ran a webinar with our friends from Microsoft titled: “Is Windows 7 end of life your trigger for digital transformation?”

We began by talking about the common themes we hear from IT leaders, including the need to enable flexible working and promote collaboration, to keep devices secure, compliant and up-to-date as well as, and crucially, the need to be more strategic.

We discussed that rather than undertake a traditional software update, the move from Windows 7 is really an opportunity to look at that transformation project you have been thinking about and the last major desktop upgrade you will ever need to complete.

We talked through the end of life facts and the options available. We reviewed the strong value that Windows 10 brings, and that when used as part of Microsoft 365 it offers a compelling case that’s worth considering:

  • It’s easy to deploy and manage
  • It’s always up to date
  • It provides proactive insights
  • It has intelligent security built in

We talked about the changing needs of employees and the core dilemma faced by IT leaders – where the scale of operational IT prevents strategic IT from driving business and digital transformation at the required pace.

We finished with some thoughts on how Acora can help IT leaders with operational IT, their core dilemma, and how to approach business transformation projects.

We happen to agree with the question we began with…. Windows 7 end of life is the trigger for digital transformation rather than a standard upgrade.

If you have 30 minutes, the video is available to watch here.


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