We have talked before about the need for, the real benefits of and the importance of digital transformation (the profound transformation of business and organisational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the blend of a mix of digital technologies with present and future strategies in mind).

A first step could be to consider if your sourcing model is ready to support your digital transformation journey. When talking about sourcing, we mean how you are mixing your resources between the available mix of in-house, contractors and managed service providers.

Have you considered each component of your IT model and made a decision about the “right” sourcing model required for digital transformation?

Perhaps answering the questions below for each component can help you select your ideal sourcing model from the three available:

  • Does it bring real value to my business?
  • Does it support my digital transformation?
  • Do I need to be great at this internally?
  • Do I have the time and skills to do it myself?
  • How do I get the most flexible solution?
  • Is it able to drive innovation?
  • Does it free up time to focus on your strategic IT deliverables?

You can then conclude what’s right for your business and invariably it will be a hybrid sourcing mix. Which collectively will provide you with a digital transformation ready sourcing model.

How we can help

We’ve supported IT leaders in mid-market companies for over 25 years and we know that their core dilemma is that despite the market digitally transforming around them, 80% of their time & budget is swallowed up by operational IT. Leaving only 20% for strategic changes.

Acora offers a range of enterprise-class IT services designed specifically to complement our customers’ capabilities, to increase their IT effectiveness today and to provide them with a competitive digital platform for the future.

How we support your digital transformation journey

  • We free up time for you​ – securely transition & manage your current operational IT activities.
  • We help you digitally transform​ – understand your specific transformation journey and assemble the right mix of technologies and services to build your competitive digital platform.
  • We deliver value to you​ – delivery of ongoing value, allowing your business to succeed in the digital economy.

We do this using the Acora Trusted Digital Framework

This is a methodology we take our customers through to validate that the components of their specific digital platform are secure, innovative and cost-effective as they are built, deployed and used.

Our framework came from our experience of digitally transforming customers and continuously improving our process, governance and best practice.

We can design, build and proactively manage your platform using a governance model which validates each digital component against a core set of design principles delivering the following characteristics:

  • Cost optimised:​ Balancing service capabilities with cost, proactively.​
  • Innovation ready:​ Delivering business agility using modern digital technologies.​
  • Secure by design:​ Continuously evaluated security and compliance posture.​

For more information about our Acora Trusted Digital Framework, feel free to get in touch. We’re happy to help.


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