I recently got back from Antwerp, home of this years’ NAV TechDays. It’s a popular NAV and Business Central conference, which takes place over two days and is aimed squarely at technologically minded applications people. There were over 1,450 attendees this year.

Across the 2 days there were 18, 90-minute-long ‘deep dive’ sessions, covering subjects such as:

  • Moving code from C/AL to AL
  • The modern development environment
  • Using GitHub and DevOps to help build a scalable development environment for our team
  • Using Power Platforms and Azure Service to provide a better, more rounded solution for Business

One of the sessions that I found most interesting was titled “Unlocking new integration potential for Dynamics 365 Business Central, with Azure Event Grid and Azure integration.”… Ok, the title may need some work, but the presenter created a Master Data model using a W1 BC instance. He was able to publish the chart of accounts to 3 other BC instances in New Zealand, Russia and Germany – using the Azure Event Grid, then Azure functions to translate the account descriptions to the correct languages. It’s very powerful stuff, and only a small amount of AL code was required!

It evidences Microsoft’s dedication to continually improving its products and their ability to integrate with one another. Creating real time efficiencies and improving work-life experience for end users.

Microsoft provide one cloud, with 3 product pillars, Dynamics 365 for the business applications, Office 365 for productivity and Azure for infrastructure and security. They are all hosted on the same platform, and they are designed to work seamlessly together. No other provider can offer that!

If you have any questions about Microsoft’s products and how they work together, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help.

By Stuart Allen, Enterprise Architect Business Software at Acora


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