Picture the scene – you have heard on the grapevine that your CEO wants to come and see you, to talk about an urgent company business transformation project – and how IT help is needed to deliver it.

The board has a plan, they have a limited interest in reasons why things cannot be done and an even shorter technical attention span… and revenue performance is looking a little shaky.

What is your immediate thought when you hear about the meeting?

We think there are three potential scenarios that people fall into, which one are you in?

Scenario 1: Stall them

You could book a holiday, keep out of the way, find a server that needs repairing – anything that delays confronting the fact that you are not ready for the conversation. You would rather watch an episode of Love Island than explain to the CEO that the years of limited IT investment, despite your many warnings, have left IT in a non “future-ready” state.

Scenario 2: Fingers crossed

You cautiously await the meeting, with a bit of luck you will be able to respond to the needs of the business, your IT platform is looking quite good right now. If the project comes with time and budget it should be fine – you’ve got this covered. Hmmm but then again, the CEO may want something quickly and let’s hope (s)he doesn’t plan to pay for it from this year’s budget.

Scenario 3: Bring it on

You go to Waitrose, buy some posh biscuits, get ready to amaze the CEO and look forward to the meeting as you have a flexible, future-ready IT platform. You have been engaged in the business challenges and have been expecting this conversation anyway. The evolutionary progress you have made over the last two years means you are ready to support the transformation project.

If the CEO is turning the corner towards your office now, it’s probably too late to escape whichever group you are in and the fate that awaits you! But if you knew the meeting was in, say six months’ time, what are the sort of things you would do to be ready for it?

Working with an IT support partner can help you get where you need to be, quickly. We can help you plan, implement and manage transformation projects. We can also take away the drudgery of routine IT tasks that take up most of your time – leaving you to impress the CEO with your IT and biscuit prowess.


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