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Managed SOC. Responding at lightning speed

In an age of increasingly numerous, sophisticated and damaging cybersecurity threats, security is a core issue for any business. But developing and maintaining your own technology, processes and people in-house can be complex, costly and time-consuming, particularly for mid-market businesses.

Hence our Managed Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) subscription-based model, which makes lightning-fast, next-level threat detection and response both accessible and cost-effective for your organisation.

SOCaaS brings clarity, purpose and unmatched speed to your threat detection, investigation, and response strategies. It also simplifies managing and analysing your security telemetry, providing rapid insights with fewer security blind spots.

Do you have what it takes?

Security that never sleeps

As well as improving detection and response levels, SOCaaS reduces your overall cyber security risk by ensuring all your defensive solutions are configured and working correctly. By increasing your cyber resilience, SOCaaS ensures you can meet your contractual, regulatory and compliance obligations, and keep running if you do come under attack. And because they won’t constantly be dealing with alerts and other ‘noise’, your own team can focus on their core activities and work more efficiently.

As an Acora SOCaaS customer, you’ll benefit from a dedicated SOC monitoring security events and alarms across your cloud and on-premises environments, 24/7. Through automated and manual triage, escalation and remediation, you’ll get fast, efficient incident response; you’ll also receive quick notifications and alerts to your internal IT team and stakeholders on any P1 and P2 threats – plus, of course, regular reports.

And with our user-based pricing model, and no restrictions on data volumes, you only pay for what you actually need and use.

The power of a Managed SOC Service

  • Improve detection and response levels
  • Reduce overall cybersecurity risk
  • Ensure defences are configured and working correctly
  • Meet regulatory and compliance obligations
The Need-of-the-hour for Your Business

Let’s get started

Many organisations cannot afford a dedicated security operations centre, but it is essential that everyone have access to this security capability.

Our Managed SOC service at Acora works as an extension to your IT team, taking on the overhead investment of skilled resources, processes and infrastructure maintenance. Or we can complement your existing SOC, continuously monitoring and testing that your controls are working, and identifying where they need tuning.

Our Cyber Activate Service makes it easy to prepare for and then fully deploy SOCaaS. We’ll get your Cloud System of Record and log aggregation in place to give you instant, easy, cost-effective security analytics. Our SOC team will then work with you to agree specific processes and procedures based on your priorities and attitude to risk.


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