• application modernisation and microsoft first strategy

    Application Modernisation with a Microsoft Cloud First Strategy

    Improved business efficiencies,  advanced financial reporting and third-party independence We’re proud to announce our successful partnership as the preferred IT partner for Pettinaroli UK. A distinguished, multinational group specialising in water distribution systems. Focusing on application modernisation with a Microsoft…

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  • Managed IT and Cybersecurity

    Choosing the right Managed IT and Cyber Security partner

    Is true alignment just a myth?  Traditionally, outsourcing parts of your IT or Cyber Security function to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), or Outsourcer can be, for some, an uncomfortable subject. And in an…

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  • Hybrid Cloud

    What is Hybrid Cloud?

    In today’s digital landscape, many businesses consume a hybrid cloud solution without even realising it. This raises a key question. Are people aware of what a hybrid cloud solution is and, how it can benefit their business? Every business sees…

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  • Intune and Autopilot

    Intune and Autopilot

    If you’re working in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (or read David Murphy’s recent blog) you’ll have heard of Intune and Autopilot. In this blog, we’ll look at the differences between them, and what they replace from legacy on-premises days. Intune…

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  • Windows 11 Journey

    Windows 11 – How the OS upgrade journey has changed

    How to introduce Windows 11 is a key question for IT leaders. Although the overall method of getting from Windows 10 to Windows 11 hasn’t changed, you’ll need to test the new OS – first with IT, then with pilot…

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  • Windows 365

    Windows 365 – do I need it?

    You could be forgiven for missing Windows 365, even if you pay attention to the IT news. Partly, I suppose, because Microsoft chose to release it during the summer holidays! And really, it’s a pretty simple concept: a PC-per-individual, in…

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  • CIOs guilty secret

    A CIOs Guilty Secret

    OUT IN THE OPEN… Organisations are flooded with more data points than ever before. For CIOs, the constant challenge is collecting, collating and interpreting it, in order to make something relevant, useful and actionable. And it’s not just the sheer…

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  • Staying Connected as Leaders

    We could all be forgiven for looking back on the past year and saying, ‘this isn’t what I signed up for’. As IT leaders, we’ve faced the unique situation of going, almost literally overnight, from operating as single locations with…

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  • Making the Most of Microsoft 365 Licensing

    Almost every Microsoft customer has started shifting to subscription-based Microsoft 365 (M365) services. These are part of the growing ‘evergreen’ Microsoft ecosystem, where individuals and organisations pay a monthly fee for use-rights to a product, rather than buying a perpetual…

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