• Managed IT and Cybersecurity

    Choosing the right Managed IT and Cyber Security partner

    Is true alignment just a myth?  Traditionally, outsourcing parts of your IT or Cyber Security function to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), or Outsourcer can be, for some, an uncomfortable subject. And in an…

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  • August Acora Win Blog

    5-year Contract Secured by Experience and Cyber Security Capabilities

    We’re thrilled to announce that we have secured a 5-year Managed Service contract with a leading Property Consultancy firm. Join us in celebrating this success. We are honoured that our growing capabilities are being recognised across multiple industries. With 450…

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  • Experience Economy

    XLA’s. The Golden Ticket to an Experience Economy 

    We are now a year on from launching our Experience Level Agreement (XLA) and it is for sure, dominating the market. The dialogues we are now having have definitely advanced and we have moved away from talking about what experience…

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  • Mid-Market Dilemma Blog

    We’ve Spotted a Gap. And We’re Solving the Mid-Market Dilemma

    Choosing the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) is increasingly critical. In fact, choosing the right partner can be a make-or-break decision for many businesses. Business strategy and IT should go hand in hand Most organisations are on a mission to…

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    Our new Acora ad campaign – the biggest and most ambitious we’ve ever run – went live in the autumn of 2021. As it reaches its midpoint, our Sales & Marketing Director MATT WOOD explains how it came about, its…

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  • User Experience

    The Light of Experience

    As CIOs, we have a general sense of how people feel about IT. Some of this knowledge comes from formal measures like CSAT but we’re also plugged into anecdotal feedback when considering user experience. While it’s useful to know that…

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  • Feeling unloved by your current IT partner?

    Let’s face it, personal relationships have their ups and downs. It’s just the same with a business relationship. There are lots of reasons why an outsourcing partnership can break up…

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  • Study finds IT leaders are fed-up with mundane routine

    A recent survey of over 500 IT professionals, carried out by INAP, revealed that IT professionals have a strong desire to see their roles and responsibilities change. The report found that they want to move away from infrastructure upkeep and…

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  • What do IT Managers want?

    The IT manager’s role has changed in recent years. IT is no longer confined to a supporting role, instead of becoming a strategic priority – particularly as digital transformation projects become the norm. Unsurprisingly, the IT manager’s requirements are changing…

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