• Managed IT and Cybersecurity

    Choosing the right Managed IT and Cyber Security partner

    Is true alignment just a myth?  Traditionally, outsourcing parts of your IT or Cyber Security function to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), or Outsourcer can be, for some, an uncomfortable subject. And in an…

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  • Win Blog

    Leading Hospitality Business Strengthens Resilience

    We are thrilled to share another client success story at Acora. Our team of cyber security experts have recently completed a three-month consultancy project that set out a strategic maturity programme for one of the UK’s biggest hospitality businesses. Established…

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  • August Acora Win Blog

    5-year Contract Secured by Experience and Cyber Security Capabilities

    We’re thrilled to announce that we have secured a 5-year Managed Service contract with a leading Property Consultancy firm. Join us in celebrating this success. We are honoured that our growing capabilities are being recognised across multiple industries. With 450…

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  • Experience Economy

    XLA’s. The Golden Ticket to an Experience Economy 

    We are now a year on from launching our Experience Level Agreement (XLA) and it is for sure, dominating the market. The dialogues we are now having have definitely advanced and we have moved away from talking about what experience…

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  • Launching our CIO Report: Cutting through the noise

      Once again this year, we’ve canvassed IT leaders across the UK for our annual CIO Report. The full report will be available to download soon, but in the meantime, here are some of the headlines and insights our 2023…

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  • Big SASIG 23 header

    Acora’s Always Audit Ready™ Service Shines at Big SASIG 2023

    Uniting IT and Security Operations for Enhanced Agility This month, Acora took to the stage at Big SASIG 2023, an engaging event that fosters learning and collaboration within the IT and Cyber Security space. Bringing together experts from the user…

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  • Acora Win Blog

    Acora’s Experience Led Service Secures Multi-Million Pound Contract

    Acora is excited to announce a significant customer win that further strengthens its position as a leading provider of experience-led IT-managed services. While the name of the customer remains anonymous, Acora has secured a 5-year contract with a top 20…

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    Our new Acora ad campaign – the biggest and most ambitious we’ve ever run – went live in the autumn of 2021. As it reaches its midpoint, our Sales & Marketing Director MATT WOOD explains how it came about, its…

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  • 2022 Message

    2022: Never the Same Again?

    Like most of us, I’d hoped that 2021 would be something more like a ‘normal’ year. But of course, it wasn’t. Likewise, I’d more-or-less assumed I’d now be looking ahead to a bright, shiny ‘post-pandemic’ year in 2022. Doesn’t look…

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