• S4S Blog

    Disrupting ‘Good Enough’ Zero-Trust Cyber Security

    Acora was excited to attend the very first Security4Security (S4S) Club conference in London earlier in September 2023. The S4S club is an innovative and collaborative series of events co-designed by technology providers and security professionals to encourage meaningful conversations…

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  • Intune and Autopilot

    Intune and Autopilot

    If you’re working in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (or read David Murphy’s recent blog) you’ll have heard of Intune and Autopilot. In this blog, we’ll look at the differences between them, and what they replace from legacy on-premises days. Intune…

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  • User Experience

    The Light of Experience

    As CIOs, we have a general sense of how people feel about IT. Some of this knowledge comes from formal measures like CSAT but we’re also plugged into anecdotal feedback when considering user experience. While it’s useful to know that…

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  • CIOs guilty secret

    A CIOs Guilty Secret

    OUT IN THE OPEN… Organisations are flooded with more data points than ever before. For CIOs, the constant challenge is collecting, collating and interpreting it, in order to make something relevant, useful and actionable. And it’s not just the sheer…

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